The Intelligence Behind Rights Management & Audience Analytics

The preferred choice among entertainment industry elite, MediaLogiq Systems is a world-class, innovative software company with agile applications for rights management and audience analytics. Powered by cutting-edge technology and informed by decades of industry expertise, we specialize in providing cloud-based, scalable services for acquisitions, distribution, licensing, program tracking, marketing and contract administration to maximize your return on investment.

Our portfolio of web-based applications for the entertainment industry includes ITVR, a multi-country, TV audience analytics platform combining television audience measurement (TAM) data with cross-market program identification and research, as well as MediaRights, an enterprise rights management software handling program catalogs, rights-in, availabilities, licensing, conflict-checking, payment terms, financial reporting, invoicing and materials servicing.

  1. 1989

    Computer Applications Development (C.A.D.) is founded in Burbank, CA
  2. 1989-1990

    Analysis and Design phases with International Distribution Divisions of Studios to develop the first cross-market television research platform; First implementation of ITVR.
  3. 1990-1992

    ITVR back-end tool used by C.A.D. to deliver reports to Studio Clients
  4. 1993-1994

    DOS installations of ITVR at Client sites and accessed by Users.
  5. 1992-1995

    Developed a PayTV Contract management system for a studio to capture, calculate and report royalties and overages generated by subscription and transaction based Pay TV contracts.
  6. 1994-1996

    Implemented DealMaker for a major studio for tracking and reporting rights and availabilities.
  7. 1994-1997

    Implemented Film Licensing System (FLS) for a major distributor.
  8. 1997-2002

    Rights Licensing System (RLS) as a standard off-the-shelf software managing product library, distribution rights, availabilities, contract management and finance.
  9. 1994-2005

    Windows versions of ITVR (multiple releases) installed at client sites and accessed by users.
  10. 2005

    ITVR launches as a web-based platform, providing users with a real-time system and eliminating Batch/Remote updates.
  11. 2006-PRESENT

    Developing and releasing ITVR version, upgrades to ITVR.
  12. 2007-PRESENT

    Implementing and maintaining MediaRights web-based rights licensing software for various film production and distribution companies.
  13. 2014-PRESENT

    C.A.D. rebrands as MediaLogiq Systems, Inc.
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