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International Television Research
A web-based, multi-country TV audience analytics platform combining TAM data with cross-market identification and global research, ITVR services program-level data in over 70 markets around the world. Our subscription-driven service adds value to your audience data investment by delivering enhanced meta-data analysis to optimize your research, marketing, business development and sales operations.


A turnkey research solution featuring over 20 active reporting templates with easy-to-use criteria selection and customizable features like Product Groups, Channel Groups and Demographic Groups for simplified and standardized reporting throughout the system.
ITVR is user-friendly USER-FRIENDLY
Designed with an intuitive interface and easy-to-use features like Smart Text prompting, multiple-level filters, automatic refresh and data identification Progress Dashboard, ITVR reports are viewable in HTML and exportable to Excel® and PDF®.
Enhances raw TAM data by transforming it into useable information. An internal program classification mapping system enables standardized analysis of data from multiple sources, enabling multi-market research from a single platform instead of individual local market systems.
Subscription includes extensive market translation services and research support, with behind-the-scenes identification and tagging of millions of foreign-language telecasts to the product database which includes meta-data coding for distributor and production companies.
Optimizes research efforts with automatic calculations, including program rankings across demographics, percentage changes over lead-in/lead-out, time slot benchmarks and distributor breakdowns by broadcast minutes. Instant graphs make presentation creation easy.
ITVR is a web-based application accessible from anywhere in the world. With just an internet connection and a web-browser, you can view Program Rankings, Time Period Competition and Distributor performance within minutes.
The most competitively priced TV Research system on the market, ITVR combines software and program identification into a single service. With a fully hosted product database, free support, upgrades and maintenance, no installation or infrastructure investment is required.

System Features
  • Web-Based
  • Standardized Program Analysis
  • Multiple Data Sources Standardized
  • Rankings by Channel, Genre, Distributor
  • Telecast Ratings and Program Averages
  • Distributor and Production coding
  • Customizable Groups
  • Time Slot Performance and Trending
  • Automatic calculations vs. benchmarks
  • Episode Tracking and Run Status coding
  • Global Format performance
  • Top Genres by Market
  • Runs Tracking on Licenses
  • Search by local broadcast title
  • Customizable graphs and channel schedules
  • Advertising revenue analysis
  • View in HTML, Export to Excel® and PDF®
ITVR is available on all platforms
ITVR works on all platforms
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