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A modular, web-based system fueled by an unrivaled, dynamic engine and a user-friendly interface, MediaRights creates an error-proof environment for licensing with precise availability calculations and real-time conflict-checking. Scalable, mobile and secure, MediaRights is designed to keep your entire distribution team in sync while you make sales, close deals and move your content effortlessly.


ITVR is Customizable POWERFUL
Fueled by an unrivaled, dynamic engine, MediaRights creates an error-proof environment for media avails and sales. With precise availability calculations and real-time conflict-checking, you can rely on accurate information, allowing you to focus on the core of your business.
ITVR is user-friendly USER-FRIENDLY
Powerful shouldn't mean complex. With a forward-looking design, save-and-recall features and time-saving wizards that seamlessly guide you through the licensing process, MediaRights is an intuitive tool built for all levels of Users.
Define how you move your intellectual property. Use industry standard classifications or identify your own media, territories, languages, product groups and currencies. MediaRights is flexible, scalable and completely user-defined.
You move just like your content does. MediaRights is a platform independent, web-based application. With just an internet connection and a web-browser, you can export product catalogs, run availabilities, and draft a sales order within minutes.
Keep your entire distribution team in-sync. Whether you're a single-laptop operation or a global sales agency with multiple branches, MediaRights is your company's enterprise resource for real-time information on products, rights, availabilities, sales, contracts and finances.
Fully protected with state-of-the-art security, MediaRights provides configurable user access for each component. Every module is access driven, allowing you to grant view, add, edit, delete and export privileges to each user.
The most competitively priced rights management system on the market, MediaRights can be fully hosted, requiring no new hardware installations or infrastructure investment. With free support and maintenance, you don't need a dedicated IT staff to implement or use MediaRights.

System Features
  • Web-Based
  • Customizable Design & Scalable Architecture
  • Intuitive Interface
  • User-defined Media and Product Types
  • Custom Territories, Languages, Currencies
  • Distribution Rights and Restrictions
  • Fast Availability Calculation and Reporting
  • Dynamic Conflict Checking
  • Holdbacks and Reserved Rights
  • Sales and Contract Management
  • Events, Triggers and Automatic Notifications
  • Document Storage and Change-Log Tracking
  • Payment Terms, Invoicing and Reporting
  • Material Servicing and Asset Management
  • Customizable Product Catalog
  • Security and User-Management
  • View in HTML, Export to Excel® and PDF®
MediaRights is available on all platforms
MediaRights works on all platforms
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