The Intelligence Behind Rights Management & Audience Analytics
MediaLogiq products and services maximize client productivity, time and profits. Our value lies in integrating technology and strategy to provide cost-effective, end-to-end media business solutions that harness change for the client's competitive advantage. Whether you're looking to streamline your distribution processes or develop a system that's right for your company, we provide the following services:
Project Management Project Management
Requirements and GAP Analysis Requirements and GAP Analysis
Conversion Support from Legacy Systems Conversion Support from Legacy Systems
Systems Design and Engineering  Systems Design and Engineering
Clustered Multi-Tiered Environments Clustered Multi-Tiered Environments
Graphical and User Interface Design Graphical and User Interface Design
Web Applications, Engines and Tools Development Web Applications, Engines & Tools Development
Focus Groups and Testing Focus Groups and Testing

Our proven ability to develop and implement enterprise, cloud-based systems for the media industry is a direct result of our focus on people, product and process (in that order). We stimulate our teams to be agile and innovative while pursuing technical excellence in delivering high-value products. We use a set of engineering best practices and dynamic methodologies that engage and empower our Clients by involving them in the evolution of our systems.

Methodology Diagram
Our Solutions Include: Hosting, Training, Tech Support, Maintenance, and Upgrade
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